Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Or just hire US ;)


Reason #1: Rid Yourself of Stress

The last thing we want is our brides to feel overwhelmed and stressed on, what

should be, the happiest day of their lives. Being able to hand over that stress to a

reliable and trustworthy wedding planner can make all the difference in the world

when it comes to enjoying the engagement and planning process. The process can

take between 6 and 24 months of endless phone calls, emails, and budgeting. An

experienced planner can put even the calmest brides at bay throughout the long and

exciting experience.

Reason #2: Hire Vendors You Can Trust

Wedding planners always have preferred vendor lists. What’s a vendor list? It’s a

list of vendors, such as DJs, caterers, and venues, that the planner has personally

worked with and trusts for their brides’ big days. Having a planner who has an

honest opinion and real experience with a vendor can make the world of a

difference when it comes to your wedding day and the experience you want your

guests to have.

Reason #3: Small Details are Never Overlooked

The big details, such as picking your dress, venue, caterer, and cake flavors are the

best part! But weddings involve so much more than that. Once you write it all

down, it becomes quite daunting to try to check off each task. That’s where the

wedding planner swoops in and saves you from an overwhelming list of to-dos.

Having an experienced planner, you will have someone who can help tie your

vision together and stay on top of all the tedious things so you can focus on the big


Reason #4: Allow Your Guests to be Guests

It’s easy to ask your mom or best friend to be your planner for the day of your

wedding, but how will they get to enjoy your big day when they are working? Let a

wedding planner take that task away from someone who should be able to fully

enjoy and immerse themselves in your big day. Allow your family and friends to

be guests. Allow them to celebrate you and the love you have found in your new

life partner. Allow them to dance the night away with you. Allow them to be

guests. Let us be the planer.

Reason #5: Day-Of Activities

If anything, you should at least have a day-of coordinator. As stated above in

reason #4, we need to let the guests be guests. We also want to remind the bride

that she is the BRIDE. She can’t be in 10 places once, lining people up, decorating

the ceremony space, getting hair and makeup done, making sure groomsmen are

ready, communicating and checking on all vendors and set-up for the reception,

and keeping up with the timeline. A day-of coordinator will allow the bride to

enjoy her day getting ready with her family and friends while the coordinator takes

care of all the set-up and details to allow the day to flow smoothly. An experienced

day-of coordinator will make sure your vision is carried out and you, the bride, will

not have to lift a finger.


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