Gathering everyone’s address doesn't have to be so hard

When I started planning my wedding years ago, the longest and most daunting task was collecting ALL of those addresses for invites to go out, it was literally the most time-consuming part of it all. Since I didn’t typically mail letters, it was just something I didn’t have, plus most of my friends had moved a few times since college, so I needed to make sure I had their current address. I know, not something you think about at first right?

If you do not know the awkward feeling of Facebook messaging someone you barely know or even a relative you should know their address already (right?) asking “would you mind sending me your address?” trust me there is a better way to do this now that takes all the pain out of this extremely annoying process. Plus, it’s totally private, secure + free!


Are you ready for it???? TADA! 


Here's how to use it:

  1. Postable gives you a link (
  2. You send it out to your friends + family via email or facebook
  3. They fill out a 10 second form + your address book magically fills with up-to-date info
  4. You can then export everything to Excel, export it automatically formatted for your stationer, calligrapher or even print the labels yourself.

Try it out for yourself, and make your address collecting easier. 

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