Family Picnic Inspiration

This week my babies finally turn one. So I thought today would be the the perfect time to finally share some of the photos from our family session we scheduled a few weeks ago with Kortney Boyette Photography. My plan was to schedule a family session when the twins were six months old to get photos of the half way mark leading up to one year. But life got busy especially with them being in the NICU for the first two in a half months of their life. 

I wanted our session to be really natural and fuss-free. ( I packed their favorite: Strawberries so that helped! )  While we’re a family that’s big on celebrating almost everything, we are also keen on simplicity. I think these photos illustrate how incredible of a little boy and girl we were blessed with, and if it’s not clear how mild tempered and sweet his personality is, and how sassy and lovable she is well I can tell you they are my little dreams. I can not get enough of their kisses and hugs, and being a mother is truly the best gift I could ever get. While I miss some of the moments that came hand in hand with having newborns at home, many have said it only gets better and there’s a lot of truth in that. I look at the growth and milestones the twins have hit (and we’ve hit as a family) even just since this session and it’s humbling to know we get to do this life thing alongside them. By the way, did I tell you their names? I always refer to them as my little people or the twins, but I am very proud of their names, Adalia Reese Haner and Emerson Scott Haner.

These are some of my favorite images from the session. One was used on our family holiday card and a custom Christmas ornament for next years tree! Tomorrow I’ll be packing us up for a week in Memphis, Tennessee where we will celebrate a birthday, Christmas, and the New Years! 


I had a lot of fun planning the simplicity of the picnic theme. I don't know if it is because I am a semi-new mother still, but I am so enthralled in the simple things these days. Between picnics and family bike rides with the twins in their little baskets behind daddy and I are the simple joys I cherish the most. What would a picnic be without strawberries, brie and crackers, champagne, and flowers.  


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